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Our History

Special-Elektronik was originally founded in 1970 as a local antenna installation company. Over the decades, Special-Elektronik has developed into a knowledge-driven systems distributor of AV-technology and cable-TV/fibre optics in the Scandinavian market. We distribute everything from out-of-the-box products to more complex, integrated and fully customisable system solutions for meetings, hotel-TVs, smart homes and cable-TV/fibre optics. In addition, we provide our resellers with a wide range of technical training courses as well as various services throughout the project and delivery process.

1970s: Local Installation Company

Special-Elektronik was founded in 1970 as an installation company for TV-antennas and smaller central antennas. In 1972, Special-Elektronik changed its corporate form to a limited organisation. The company grew steadily throughout the ‘70s and increased its workforce accordingly.

1980s: Manufacturing and Distribution

In the early ‘80s, Special-Elektronik launched its first product produced in-house, the TV-modulator HFM-80. The modulator was soon replaced by TVM-82 which became a standardised product for Swedish cable-TV facilities. Special-Elektronik kept developing and producing new innovative products during the ‘80s. For example, the FM-tuner FMT-03/04 with a built-in black image generator which became a national standard for receiving radio channels on hotel-TVs. Special-Elektronik's product range was exported in large quantities to diverse markets such as Norway, Spain and Hong Kong.

Around the same time, Special-Elektronik, as one out of five companies in Sweden, gained permission to receive satellite transmissions. In 1986, Special-Elektronik installed the very first satellite channels for Scandic Hotels around Sweden. During the big expansion of cable-TV at the end of the ‘80s, staff from Special-Elektronik upgraded several thousand apartments with this new modern antenna network.

In 1982, Special-Elektronik found its first official role as a distributor for Dutch brand Tratec (now Technetix), a partnership which still remains to this day.

1990s: Service and Support

In the beginning of 1990, Special-Elektronik transformed its business to focus solely on the distribution of materials for antennas and cable-TV. At the same time, Special-Elektronik replaced its production and installation department with a designated service and support department.

The mid '90s marked the start of Special-Elektronik's technical training for resellers and integrators. To this day, the provision of technical training courses remains as an integral part of Special Elektronik's business.

In 1998, Special-Elektronik's results showed a turnover of 12 million SEK. During the same year, the company's newly founded AV-department received a huge boost in conjunction with an order from Telia worth 12 million SEK. Special-Elektronik were tasked with providing AV-equipment for all Telia stores in Sweden.

2000s: High Growth and Multiple Awards

In 2002, Hans Gustafsson, the original founder of Special-Elektronik retired. The CEO position went to Åke Larsson who today, together with Johan Larsson and many of the company's co-workers, own Special-Elektronik.

Special-Elektronik experienced great growth during the ‘00s. The product range was expanded considerably with the addition of world leading brands such as Crestron, WolfVision, Middle Atlantic and Kaleidescape. During this period, Special-Elektronik received the award of "Gasellföretag" on four separate occasions. In 2008 and 2018, Special-Elektronik, as a select group of companies, received the award of Sweden's "Superföretag" (Super-Businesses). In 2015, Special-Elektronik earned another award for "Business of the Year" in Karlstad. The award citation read:

Over the past ten years, the owners' determined efforts have resulted in exceptional growth which has been skilfully combined with a strong focus on the company's staff.

During the remainder of the ‘00s, Special-Elektronik established local sales offices throughout Sweden. Special-Elektronik also extended the warehouse on two separate occasions to accommodate an ever-expanding product range.

2010s: Reconstruction and Integration

In spring of 2014, reconstruction of Special-Elektronik's head office began. An extension was added which effectively doubled the internal space. Special-Elektronik also took this opportunity to renovate the existing premises and added new office spaces, meetings rooms and spacious educational facilities. Technological integration, work environment and efficient energy solutions were all fundamental aspects of the reconstruction. During summer of 2015, the company moved into its new 2700 square metre property, fully integrated with numerous smart functions. The building was created to inspire and showcase specific system solutions to the company's many different visitors. In addition, Special-Elektronik sought to provide an inspiring and creative environment for staff to work in.

To ensure efficiency and ease of use, the building employs a Crestron system to control energy, climate, sound, image, media, lighting and surveillance. Combined with solar panels on the roof, borehole heat exchangers and preparations for its own wind turbine on the roof, the head office in Karlstad is truly a super integrated and energy efficient building.

In order to minimise unnecessary transportations, Special-Elektronik also built a "Vegetarium" (green house) on its property to grow vegetables, salads and herbs. The produce is used for the company's customary communal breakfast. The produce is grown using different types of hydroponic systems. These systems are very energy efficient and use up to 80% less water compared to conventional soil-based growing systems.

The addition of a professional grade cinema was a particularly exciting project during the reconstruction. The cinema, based on technology that Special-Elektronik works with on a day-to-day basis, was specially designed to fit the building perfectly. It was even constructed as a "room within a room" in order to minimise any external disturbances. The cinema was featured as a six-page story in Hemmabiotidningen (Home Cinema Magazine), appropriately titled "Sweden's Coolest Cinema". This acknowledgement reinforced that Special-Elektronik uses and provides products of the highest quality possible.

2018 marked another pinnacle as Special-Elektronik reached a turnover of over 300 million SEK.

Special-Elektronik remains at a constant state of progress in order to keep up with today's rapid technological development. Consequently, one of Special-Elektronik's main aims is to provide its customers with the highest level of technical expertise possible. Technical competence is essential in order to make certain that all products, functions and services delivered perform in the way customers expect.

Special-Elektronik's product and system solutions can be found in numerous businesses and organisations around Scandinavia, for example offices, museums, sport arenas, hotels, restaurants, auditoriums, churches and private homes. Special-Elektronik usually state that they work with products, however, in reality, they deliver functions which can be constructed in any way, shape or form. Only your imagination sets the limit of what can be created!

2020: The Journey Continues

Now, in 2020, we are proud to be celebrating 50 years in business. Over the years, we have had the joy of delivering countless prestigious projects to various businesses and organisations in the Scandinavian market. We are also proud to employ 45 people in our offices in Karlstad, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Halmstad. What a journey it has been! We would not have been able to reach this major milestone without our fantastic customers, suppliers and co-workers. Thank you very much for your continuous support and hard work throughout the years!

We now look forward to the many milestones yet to come. Please follow us along the way as we keep making history!

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